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Northmoor Navy Reserve Gin, 70cl

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Our Northmoor Navy Reserve Gin, is our third Gin. This 57% ABV spirit, has been resting in ex bourbon barrels for a minimum of 6 months, giving it a truly unique taste and vibrant colour. Originating from Tennessee, our charred oak barrels once held bourbon whiskey for 3 years, and a heavily charred interior causes an infusion of flavour into the spirit.

Using slightly different ingredients to our signature Navy Strength, this recipe provides the smooth, full bodied and enjoyable texture with an added smokiness and sweet flavour from the charred oak barrels; working beautifully with the higher alcohol content.


Originating from the 18th century, Navy Strength gin has become an ever-popular choice for a real gin enthusiast. Whilst the alcohol content is higher we’ve created a recipe that delivers a smooth and enjoyable textured flavour. This is due to carefully selected botanicals that work well with the higher alcohol content.

Having rested in a heavily charred oak barrel for a minimum of 6 months, our Navy Reserve Gin provides and smokey yet sweet flavour which can be enjoyed neat with ice, with a host of suitable mixers and as an ingredient in any premium cocktail.


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